Friday, March 4, 2011

Dollars and "sense"

As I sit here watching the news stories presented by network and cable reporters, I consider how disconnected many of them are from the everyday man and woman that is the source of the story being reported.  How did our world become so discompassionate and arrogant? There are hardworking, dedicated families that just want to provide a comfortable life.  Many are not seeking extreme wealth! And what would be the problem if a person actually did pursue wealthy status? Why can politicians be wealthy, and everyday two-parent homes live with "just enough".

To all of those millionaire presenters that have stated they do not need the tax break, I am available to accept the funds that your family does not need.  My husband and I have great jobs and live a modest life.  However, I live everyday with a looming student loan that has capitalized interest.  How did we allow for the Sallie Mae's of this world to have such a ruling power over our total life? When are we going to extend grace to all of us who worked hard to achieve higher education, only to move into the workforce into a job that pays half of what is owed in the student loan.  It just does not seem to encourage self-sufficiency or make for a good investment.

I am in a position now of walking through life with a huge, dark, and looming cloud "Sallie Mae" weighted along my path of life.  My son will be attending college soon, and his mother will still have her student loan debt.  I am teaching my son to work hard, obtain scholarships, and make the sacrifices to avoid student loan support at all costs.

My Sallie Mae Student Loan invoice is ready and available for any of you millionaires who have been seeking an individual to help this year.  If you have no use for the extra money at this time, I really do.  It just makes good "sense", as they say in the news to "spread the wealth around".  Put those extra dollars in the hands of those who need it.  Help me to reach my goal of becoming Financially Free.

Any takers?